Mr. Duerr: 8th Grade Homeroom/Science         

2018-2019 8th Grade:


  • 8th grade parents - please send your child's baby picture to for use in the school yearbook.
  • If you would like your Gradelink information please email me and I will send it to you.
  • As we prepare for 8th grade graduation please send any and all pictures you have of your child and their classmates throughout their years at Hephatha to Mr. Duerr on a flash drive (you may also email him a cloud link to the pictures if you know how to do that).  Hopefully we can get these pictures in early to avoid the end of the year scramble that seems to always happen.

Upcoming Tests:

Please check the middle school calendar found on the menu ribbon to find upcoming test dates for Science, Algebra, and Geometry. 

Important Dates (Next Two Months):

  • 4/12 - Dress Like a Teacher Day
  • 4/18 - Half Day
  • 4/19 - 4/28 - Spring Break
  • 5/3 - Color Run
  • 5/9 - Concert on the Green
  • 5/10 - Half Day
  • 5/13 - 5/18 - Washington DC
  • 5/24 - Half Day
  • 5/27 - No School (Memorial Day)
  • 5/31 - 8th Graduation

Field Trips:

  • 9/21: OLu Visitation (7/8)
  • 10/5: Crean Visitation (7/8)
  • 11/9: King Tut @ California Science Center (6-8)
  • 12/11: 8th Grade Operation Christmas Child Service
  • 3/8: San Juan Capistrano Missions
  • 5/12-5/17: Washington D.C.

About Your Teacher:

           Blessings, my name is Paul Duerr. I was born and raised in Lodi, California.  I attended Lutheran elementary school through 5th grade and followed 5th grade with a Christian Middle School and Public High School.


       I attended CSU Stanislaus where I received my BA in mathematics and then continued on to Concordia, Irvine, for my teaching credential.  While I was at Concordia I had the opportunity to live in Fullerton and work in Yorba Linda.  During this time I learned to greatly enjoy the area and am very excited to be back after experiencing some other areas of the country. 


            While in college I became fascinated in both Math and Science while also discovering the glory of God’s creation through each of those fields.  I am excited about helping our students build a foundation in mathematics that will translate to understanding, not just replication, of the mathematics our students will experience at the high school level.  In science I eagerly await training our students to look at creation and use the gift of observation and the scientific method to explain this creation; particularly how creation displays the work and glory of our Father in heaven.


              I enjoy playing all sports but focused my practice and competitive participation in basketball.  When I am not playing sports I enjoy watching Basketball and Football.  I also enjoy camping in the Sierras, particularly spending time hiking and fishing in Yosemite, Mammoth and Bishop. 


              I am incredibly excited about this school year and seeing all the plans God has in store for the Hephatha family.  God has richly blessed me in so many opportunities and I am very excited to share those blessings with my students.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at  I would be happy to help you in any way I can.


Physical Science
18-19 Syllabus.pdf
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Earth Science
18-19 Syllabus.pdf
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Life Science
18-19 Syllabus.pdf
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2018 - 2019 Memory:

2018-2019 Trimester 1 Memory
Trimester 1 Memory.pdf
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2018-2019 Trimester 3 Memory
Trimester 3 Memory.pdf
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2018-2019 Trimester 2 Memory
Trimester 2 Memory.pdf
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Other Documents:

Middle School Daily Schedule
Middle School Schedule Draft.pdf
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2018-2019 School Calendar
2018 Calendar.pdf
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8th Grade Reading Counts Logins
2019 Reading Counts.pdf
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Sample Homework Format
Sample HW Format.pdf
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Sample Lab Writeup
Sample Lab Write Up.pdf
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